The 30,000 Days Of Your Life – Visualized

How many days do you have ahead of you?

In Short: You Have 30,000 Days In Your Life.

I read it every month or so: It’s mentioned by Entrepreneur Drew Houston (Founder of Dropbox) in his MIT Commencement address, by New Zealand scientist Sir Ray Avery and even by Wait but Why author Tim Urban in what he calls his “life calendar”, with a visualisation of weeks.

Tim compares it to the ultimate deadline for procrastinators: During life, one can procrastinate as many times as one has a deadline and still make it all work at the last minute. But the last deadline is the last day of one’s life, and sorting out everything on the last day is then impossible.

Go ahead, copy it, input your date of birth, and visualise your life

Watch Tim Urban’s TED Talk about procrastination