Epic Sheets’ Personal Training

Why should I join Epic Sheets’ Personal Training?

How much time do you spend on spreadsheets?
Better spreadsheets can save time. A lot of time actually. Sometimes it goes as far as turning tasks which used to take a day to less than 5 minutes. Yes, you read that right.

Have you ever felt you are doing the same thing again and again?
Spreadsheets can be used to automate repetitive tasks so that productivity shoot through the roof. Instead of one-off files, spreadsheets become scalable templates.

Have you ever wished you could impress your boss and colleagues with insights?
Often, one spending time in spreadsheet will be stuck in data manipulation and provide just that as a result. But spreadsheets can be used for much more than that. The data manipulation part should be the first step, with analysis and actionable insights being the real outcome.

Have you wish to switch from Excel to Google Sheets? Google Sheets is natively collaborative, making team work much more powerful. Excel is more powerful some say? In some ways maybe, but for most business cases, Google Sheets got you covered.

What will be covered?

1. Before the Training

You will be invited to

  • Read the Epic Sheets’ Commandments – Familiarise yourself with basics of spreadsheet design and layout so we make the most of the training

  • Share your current spreadsheet experience and struggles – Training will be personalised for you.
2. During the Training
  • Designing impactful spreadsheets – creating branded templates that your team can use for consistent design and beautiful stories.

  • The key principles for Google Sheets productivity
    • Manipulating data: avoid time consuming manual inputs,
    • Creating re-usable, scalable dashboards,
    • Generating powerful timelines,
    • Comparing lists of data in seconds,
    • Turning one-off tasks into re-usable templates.

The concepts will be explained and adapted to your own work requirements.

3. After the Training Session

The training will only be as good as the usage which it will allow.

So for 30 days post training, we invite participants to ask questions as they wish. Yes, that’s 30 days of quick email support available to you.

Ready to up-skill yourself?