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Do you spend 2 hours or more per week on spreadsheets? Epic Sheets trainings will save you significant time.

Do you want…

  • to know the 21 Commandments of Google Sheets: How to structure and design your spreadsheets as well as key functions to manipulate data.
  • to know how to create scalable spreadsheets. Say goodbye to repetitive spreadsheet calculations again and again, start building re-usable files.
  • to impress your colleagues with the speed you will do your future spreadsheet work, and the power of your insights.

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Imagine powers you will unlock with better spreadsheets

Some Examples for Sales Teams

  • Sales performance and trends
    • You dream of having all your reports in your CRM… but realised that it’s not available as you wish… and got stuck in annoying spreadsheets.
    • Using Google Sheets better, you will have a sales dashboard made as a template: Updating data will generate the insights you want, giving you better understanding of your funnel, successful strategies and performance trend.
  • Incentive scheme calculations
    • How many times did you get late for the bonus calculation? How many times did the calculation have erroneous numbers?

Some Examples for HR Teams

  • Compensation package modelling
    • When was the last time you proposed a “simple” compensation package, just to receive questions and comments as if the package was quite different one?
    • Using Google Sheets better will help you model a compensation package with the different elements it requires, estimate impacts of different scenario and explain it to a new joiner.
  • Salary and social contributions
    • If you’re not using a payroll software, you have to calculate the salary every month, accounting for leaves, social contributions and other adjustments based on multiple criteria.
    • Using Google Sheets better will allow you to create a salary calculation file saving you from calculation errors and saving you time, every month.

Some Examples for Finance Teams

  • Financial Analysis
    • While accounting software (such as Xero) and add-ons make most of the work, accountants and finance team often need additional specific reports which end up consuming hours if not days…
  • Powerful Budgeting
    • Be it annual budgeting or shorter term project budgets, collaboration and data manipulation are needed.

Epic Sheets will show you the concepts, formulas, features and tips to create the Google Sheets you need for whichever business objectives you want to reach.

Download the Epic Sheets’ Google Sheets Commandments – For Free Today: